Moroccan Rug Styles

Moroccan Rug Styles

Moroccan rugs are hand-made, ornamental, and woven carpets, which are commonly known as moroccan rugs. Moroccan carpets have been weaving for centuries by the native inhabitants of Morocco as the oldest textile in the world. These beautiful rugs were primarily used for interior decoration in homes and courtyards. Traditionally, Moroccan hand-crafts were woven by tribes for their utilitarian utility instead of for aesthetic purposes. These rugs gave an exquisite look to the country's interior and gave a unique touch to Moroccan decor.

beni ourain rug
During the nineteenth century, the craftsmanship of the moroccan rug and the weaving itself became famous throughout the world. The best quality of these rugs was identified and showcased in exhibitions of Europe and America, where they became a source of pride for aristocrats.

Large moroccan rug

People all over the world travel to the Atlas mountains each year and admire the workmanship and artwork of the local craftsmen. The majority of the world's most prominent carpet designers have traveled to the moroccan countryside or old berber tribes . These designers pay a visit to the charming carpet-making regions to get a close look at the tradition of Moroccan rug-making. Many of these designers like to buy vintage moroccan carpets to create a collection of old world, intricate and colorful vintage moroccan berber rugs, which can be seen around the world. Such antique rugs, which are rare and highly valuable, can be made into floor coverings and used as decorating features.

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